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Extension Ring
Extension Ring

Extension Ring

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This aluminum extension/adapter ring allows you to use the SquareHood with a UV filter.

Please note: As of the 17/03/20 we have received feed back from our customers that the extension ring does not provide enough space for the lens on the new x100V to focus at all distances, with some filters. Causing a focus error message.

To mitigate this issue, we have designed a new adapter ring, specifically for the x100V,  It is be compatible with all Fuji x100 cameras.

B+W 49 007 Clear MRC nano XS-Pro Digital and the 1/8 toffee black pro mist filter, seem to work fine with our extension ring on the x100V.

Because of the way the X100 has been designed, you can not fit a filter directly to the lens, the lens protrudes too far when focusing on close objects, meaning it will collide with the glass of the filter and can cause serious damage to the lens. This ring shifts the filter out 4mm to avoid this collision. This is enough distance to prevent a collision when using the x100, x100S, x100T and the x100F.

This can also be purchased to fit the SquareHood Mk I to your x100 or x100s.

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