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Mk III (FujiFilm X100 Series)
Mk III (FujiFilm X100 Series)
Mk III (FujiFilm X100 Series)

Mk III (FujiFilm X100 Series)

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Compatible with all Fuji x100 cameras including the new x100V.


The Mk III is a fusion of the Mk I and Mk II lens hoods.

It is exactly the same shape as the Mk I, with a slightly wider and more rounded opening than the Mk II and is 1mm shorter.

Square lens hoods do a better job protecting the sensor from unwanted sun flare, your sensor is square after all.

Our hood has a narrow opening minimising the risk of something coming into contact with the lens, especially wandering fingers. But does not cause vignetting or cast a shadow when using the flash.

This lens hood is made up of two parts, a sleeve that screws onto the thread on the lens and the hood, which slides over the sleeve.

This hood is compatible with our adapter ring and comes with 1 rubber cap.

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