About us

What is a Squarehood?

Squarehood is a slip on lens hood made for Fujifilm x100f camera. Designed in Stockholm, by the Swedish / New Zealand photographer Thomas Mansell.

I wanted to design a lens hood that both complemented the aesthetics of the camera and that wouldn’t add to much bulk to the it, after all one of the main reasons I purchased the x100f was that it was compact and I could take it everywhere.

During the design process I worked hard to design a lens hood that met these requirements and I believe I have achieved this with the square hood.

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Why Squarehood

  • Prevents irritating light from entering the lens.
  • Protects the lens from wandering fingers.
  • Looks great!

To install the hood

  1. Unscrew the outer ring on the lens.
  2. Slip the 'square hood' over the thread.
  3. Adjust it so it sits straight and enjoy! :)