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Squarehood Disclaimer

The Mk I Squarehood: Has been tested on a number of different Fujifilm x100f cameras and fits perfectly over the thread. The hood is a tight fit but it does not require force to get it onto the lens. In the extremely unlikely event that the hood causes any damage to the lens or camera 'Square hood' takes no responsibility.


The Mk II Squarehood: Screws onto a male 49mm thread, it has been tested on all x100 series cameras, Squarehood takes no responsibility for damage caused to the camera due to improper use. 


The extension ring: We have tested this ring on all of the x100 series cameras, except the latest x100v. 

The ring acts as a spacer between the lens and the filter, this distance is needed to stop the lens colliding with the glass in the filter.

The distance created by our extension ring is just enough to allow the lens free movement. With the exception on the x100V. This has yet to be tested.

In the unlikely event the lens does collide with the glass on the filter, please remove the extension ring and contact for a solution.

Squarehood holds no responsibility for any damage caused to the camera or lens when using this accessory.